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Soccer Manager 2018 review

Soccer Manager 2018 Review: A Deep Dive into the World of Football Management

"Soccer Manager 2018" is an extensively detailed football management simulation game that offers fans the chance to manage their favorite football clubs. Developed by Soccer Manager Ltd, this game provides a comprehensive experience that covers all aspects of football management, from team selection, transfers and tactics to managing the club's finances.


The graphics in "Soccer Manager 2018" may not be its strongest point as they are fairly basic compared to other sports simulators on the market. The menu interface is clean and functional but lacks overall visual flair. While there are no fancy animations or lifelike player models, the minimalist design does contribute towards a smooth running game without any technical hiccups.


The gameplay in "Soccer Manager 2018" is truly exceptional. It provides an authentic managerial experience where your decisions can make or break a season. With over 800 clubs from 33 countries to choose from, you'll have complete control over every aspect of your chosen team. Whether it's scouting for new talent, negotiating contracts or determining match day tactics, every detail matters in this deep and rewarding game.

Replay Value

"Soccer Manager 2018" boasts high replay value due to its depth and complexity. Each season presents new challenges with ever-changing dynamics depending on players' form, injuries and transfers. Furthermore, with so many leagues available across different nations, there is always a new challenge waiting around the corner.

Bottom Line

To sum up, "Soccer Manager 2018" provides an engaging football management journey for ardent fans of the game. While not visually striking, it more than makes up for it with its depth, detail and sheer replayability. If you have ever dreamed of managing a football club, this game is your chance to turn that dream into reality.


  • In-depth and detailed gameplay
  • High replay value
  • Lots of leagues and teams to choose from
  • Complex tactical options
  • Smooth performance without technical glitches.


  • Basic graphics and visual presentation
  • Potential complexity can be overwhelming for casual players.

Graphics 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 6

Replay Value 7

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