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Electrician Simulator review

Dad decided to retire and pass on his business to his son. A young apprentice in the art of electrical repairs and installations is now ready to embark on his own adventures as an aspiring professional.
Start off with small jobs and progress to very large and complicated installations. Repair and rebuild appliances, upgrade tools and explore the world of a busy electrician.
Varied types of jobs will keep you on your toes while you learn about the basic rules of providing power to your home or workshop.


Orders - Experience interesting settings and different customer needs in varied job types.Progress - Upgrade equipment and unlock more complex missions.Skills - Master the mechanics of building an electrical network and fixing appliances. Creativity - Create your own experience by using the mechanics to play how you want.
LET IT BE LIGHTA stunning end result is what you and your clients want. Brighten up those gloomy interiors, provide electricity to dead plugs, or turn the power off completely - at the end of the day, you only provide a service to a paying customer. And the customer is always right!
PERFORM REPAIRSManufacturers warranty only lasts a short while and new appliances are expensive. Customers dont always need big rehauls of their power supply network. Sometimes they need to repair old radios or sometimes they require a quick fix to their wall sockets, cables or light switches. Sometimes they would like all light bulbs to be changed to new ones, and sometimes they want them all removed.
TOOLS ARE YOUR FRIENDSYou are what you work with. Buy and upgrade your tools: screwdrivers, ladders, multimeters, wiring detectors, current flow testers, isolation strippers and many more to unlock more complex jobs and equipment to repair.
BETTER PLACEIncrease your clients comfort of living and earn a bright reputation as the best electrician in town. Light up their day by performing increasingly more complex jobs, looking after and regularly upgrading your equipment and gaining bonuses for completing your jobs faster.

Welcome to the world of Electrician Simulator!


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