Top 5 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Alternative Games for Avid Gamers

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a popular multiplayer party game that has taken the gaming world by storm. However, if you're looking for something new and just as thrilling to play, then consider exploring other games that offer similar experiences. Here are the top five alternatives to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, each providing their own unique blend of fun, competitiveness, and exhilaration.

1. Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat game

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game set in surreal dreamscapes. It’s perfect for those who love solving puzzles while also enjoying the fun elements of platform games.


This game allows players to take control of a customizable human character known simply as "Bob." Bob has no superhuman abilities; he can only carry objects and climb up ledges using his two arms. The real challenge lies in controlling Bob's movements because every arm movement is controlled individually which can lead to many hilarious situations.

Story and Setting

The world of Human: Fall Flat features advanced physics and innovative controls that cater to a wide range of challenges. The game's setting spans multiple fantastical landscapes filled with interactive environments—from snow-covered mountains to dark underground caverns.

2. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts game

Gang Beasts is another alternative that’s worth checking out, especially if you’re into beat-em-up party games. This silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters offers a uniquely comedic gaming experience.


In Gang Beasts, players control blob-like humans and fight each other in dangerous environments. The objective is simple—be the last one standing. However, the controls are intentionally difficult to master, leading to chaotic and hilarious outcomes.

Story and Setting

Set in the fictional "Beef City," Gang Beasts doesn't have a particular storyline. Instead, it offers a variety of dangerous environments where players can engage in melee fights—from high-rise buildings to speeding trucks and fiery incinerators.

3. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service game

If you love physics-based games with silly characters and absurdly challenging tasks, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is for you. This game offers a hilarious take on package delivery where things can go hilariously wrong.


The game revolves around delivering packages by controlling characters with wobbly movements. Players need to operate different machines like cars, helicopters, and even rockets to get their deliveries done on time—all while dealing with the game’s unpredictable ragdoll physics.

Story and Setting

Totally Reliable Delivery Service does not follow a specific storyline but focuses more on its gameplay mechanics within an interactive sandbox world. You can deliver packages across various locations—suburbs, farms, tropical islands, and even atop mountains.

4. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse game

Ultimate Chicken Horse blends platform gaming with party game elements seamlessly. If you enjoy competitive multiplayer games with an added twist of creativity, this is worth checking out.


In this game, players choose from different animal characters with the objective of reaching the finish line first in each level. The twist? Players also play as level designers who simultaneously build the level by placing traps and obstacles aiming to trip up opponents but not themselves.

Story and Setting

While there isn't much of a story, the game's setting varies across numerous locations—from rooftops and waterfalls to dance parties and haunted houses. The focus is more on combining creativity with platforming skills to outsmart your opponents.

5. Move or Die

Move or Die game

Move or Die is a fast-paced, addictive and challenging party game that changes its mechanics every 20 seconds. It's an excellent choice for those who love games that constantly keep you on your toes.


The game involves a series of mini-games where players compete against each other. The twist here is that the rules change every 20 seconds—keeping players constantly challenged and engaged.

Story and Setting

While there's no specific storyline, Move or Die offers a variety of game modes with different themes—from explosive deathmatches to tricky platforming challenges, all set within colorful, arcade-style environments.

In conclusion, while Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout remains a popular choice among gamers, these alternatives offer varied experiences that are just as fun-filled and exciting. So whether it's solving physics-based puzzles in Human: Fall Flat or surviving melee fights in Gang Beasts—there’s always a new gaming adventure waiting for you!