About us

Welcome to Deadoralive6! We are a team of passionate gamers, reviewers, and tech-savvy individuals who love games and apps as much as you do. Our mission is to provide honest reviews, tips & tricks, guides, and news on the newest releases in the gaming industry. 

The idea for our website was born out of necessity – we wanted an easy way to find reliable game & app reviews that were unbiased, up-to-date, and helpful. We also realized that there was a need for breaking news about upcoming releases and current trends in the gaming world. So we decided to create this website dedicated solely to video games & apps - Deadoralive6 was born! 

Our unique team consists of experienced gamers from all walks of life who have extensive knowledge in their respective areas: from app developers or game designers with insider info on new releases to adept players who can share tips on how to master certain levels or beat tough bosses; even gamers just getting into the scene can get advice from our experts on which titles are worth trying out! 

Our Team

Our team consists of Jonny (Founder & Chief Editor), who's responsible for managing content strategy, coordinating with contributors, and maintaining editorial standards; Jamie (Co-founder & Media Manager), who manages our social media presence and engages with the community; Taylor (Lead Writer), who crafts engaging articles on the latest app news, reviews, tips, and tricks; Chris (Gaming Expert) specializes in game analysis; Kelly (App Reviewer) keeps up-to-date on trending apps.

We strive not only for accuracy but also for providing interesting content that will help readers make informed decisions before buying any game or app they’re interested in playing. Our goal is simple: To keep you updated with what’s happening in the gaming world while helping you pick out the best titles available so you don’t miss out on any exciting experiences!